Cover Up For Confidence Workshop

Knowing how to take care of your skin is essential for everyone with psoriasis and a little make up can go a long way to help cover up the uneven colour and flaws on the skin caused by your flare-ups to help boost confidence. That’s why Freedom360 organised a special luncheon workshop entitled “Cover Up for Confidence” on the dos and don’ts of skincare on April 26, 2014.

Freedom360, an initiative of the Psoriasis Association of Singapore and Janssen, invited Dr. Raymond Kwah, Consultant Dermatologist at Dermatology & Surgery Clinic to speak at the workshop.

The 46 attendees were also treated to a makeup demonstration by Covermark, a leading cosmetic brand from Japan, that specializes in developing make up foundations to help naturally conceal birthmarks, scars and skin discoloration.

Dr Kwah began by dispelling some of the myths surrounding psoriasis, such as the belief it is contagious or caused by touching something dirty. Dr Kwah reiterated that psoriasis is the result of a body's programming that has gone wrong and its immune mechanism has been triggered.

According to Dr Kwah, examples of potential triggers are:

  • trauma to the skin, such as the patient’s pick-and-peel action and even tattooing can traumatize your skin and trigger the onset of psoriasis
  • some drugs that a patient is taking for other conditions like heart problems or even painkillers can trigger pustular psoriasis
  • stress and emotional upsets
  • smoking which can deepen the severity of psoriasis
  • weight issues because obesity points to inflammation within the body and this can trigger psoriasis

The attendees were advised to have realistic treatment goals understanding that there is no complete cure for psoriasis currently. There may be long periods where the skin looks flawless but there may also be periodic fluctuations or flares. Dr Kwah suggested that patients work closely with their doctors for an individualized approach to ensure the best possible outcome over time.

Some patients asked if there is any food that may cause flare-ups. Dr Kwah said that psoriasis is not scientifically proven to be food-related so his advice to the participants was to eat everything in moderation, watch their weight, avoid alcohol and keep moisturising their skin.

Ms Wannie from Covermark invited Mr Mohd Imran on stage to be the model of the event. Imran is a psoriasis patient under treatment and he has several patches of skin discolouration on his face and body. Imran welcomed the chance to learn how to use Covermark foundation to mask some of the discoloured areas. Wannie gave a step-by-step demonstration on how to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise the skin before applying foundation and concealer to cover up marks or discoloured patches.

All participants had the opportunity to test the different foundation colours when Wannie and her colleagues went from table to table to answer queries and do one-on-one cover-ups for those interested.

All in all, the event was educational and entertaining for the participants and everyone enjoyed meeting new friends and catching up with old friends from previous workshops.