Help Is Just A Click Away

Psoriasis is one of the most commonly treated diseases in Singapore. With the condition affecting up to two per cent of the Singapore population, there is a need to leverage on technological infrastructure and connect with patients. In Singapore, patients have the privilege of getting peer support through support groups like the Psoriasis Association of Singapore and Freedom 360.

Due to the hectic schedule of Singaporeans, many patients cannot even find the time to abide by their treatment regime, let alone attend a patient support group on a regular basis. An online support group can provide the support you need anytime and anywhere. Similarly, this also gives the psoriasis patient the convenience of participating when it suits them.

An online psoriasis patient support group utilizes the internet to connect members together. Via this platform, patients, doctors and members can communicate and share with one another. Information pertaining to psoriasis - treatment options, practical advice and helpful tips – can be found in the group.

Support at a social level

Sharing is intrinsically promoted by the dynamics of an online support group. As psoriasis differs from patient to patient, this group serves to provide advice and tips from other psoriasis patients. This culture of sharing helps keep patients in the loop of the latest medical developments and resources. For new psoriasis patients, this will be especially useful as they have limited information about their medical condition.

Online support groups are able to supply patients with the personalized and integrated medical care that they need. The doctors involved also contribute their professional opinion and help answer members’ questions on these sites.

As a psoriasis patient you can also take a proactive step in helping other patients. It may seem like you are merely sharing your honest experience and opinion; but to other patients, this advice can go a long way in educating and caring.

Not only does online support group speed up the process of disseminating information, it also spreads the information to a large pool of psoriasis patients, creating a valuable educational resource where patients can obtain first-hand knowledge about the conditioni. By taking a participative stance in the online support group, you and other patients in the community will gain more from the support group.

Care at a psychological level

As psoriasis is a life-long condition, psychological and emotional support is imperativeii. Despite it being non-communicable, patients might still face stigmatization due to their lesions. To face such situations on a daily basis can be worrying. With stress being one of the triggers of psoriasis flare-ups, such mental support is invaluable during trying times. For example, during breakout patients feel uncomfortable to attend support group meetings, however this problem can easily be solved with the online patient support group.

The online environment offers the option to conceal their identity if patients fear embarrassment. This allows more open forms of interaction and discussion of sensitive topics like how psoriasis impacts on a patient's sex life. For patients who are conscious of their appearance, the online support group can provide the encouragement needed to be comfortable in their own skin.

So connecting with other sufferers of psoriasis can be therapeutic for psoriasis patients. As they undergo similar circumstances, they are better able to empathize with you. Patients can know that they are not alone. However, you are the only one who can make these online platforms work for you. Ask questions, be open, share and contribute so you can learn and maybe even help someone else in the process.

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